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Sweet treats

Mixed Natas

In our family business we produce a rich selection of small and large delicacies every day. From the classic Pasteis de Nata, Coco, Nozes, Laranja.


The croissants are made from an Alb brioche puff pastry with Portuguese cream and chocolate. We make the croissants by hand with Portuguese care.


Franzbrötchen is the recipe from the former baker Niemeyer from Hamburg. The French rolls are sold fresh at the Veloso bakery and Café Veloso.


Natas are a Portuguese speciality made of handmade puff pastry. The pudding is a secret of the Veloso family.


The cakes are homemade and can be made as desired for your family party or event.

Almond torte

The Portuguese almond cake consists of a special baker’s cream.


Fruit puff pastry cake

The fruit puff pie is homemade.

Chantilly with chocolate sprinkles

The Chantilly with chocolate sprinkles is covered with fruit.

Easter cake - Pao de lo

The Easter cake is a moist biscuit.