Bäckerei Veloso, Lindenweg 76, 25436 Tornesch Öffnungszeiten: Donnerstag (05:00–14:00 Uhr), Freitag (05:00–14:00 Uhr), Samstag (06:30–12:00 Uhr), Sonntag (07:00–12:00 Uhr), Montag (05:00–14:00 Uhr), Dienstag (05:00–14:00 Uhr), Mittwoch (05:00–14:00 Uhr) (+49) 41229816127 (Tornesch), (+49) 1725120760 (M.Veloso), +494122/9818491 (Büro)
Café Veloso, Friedensallee 7-9, 22765 Hamburg-Ottensen Montag - Freitag 7:30 - 18:00 Uhr, Samstag 8:00 - 18:00 Uhr, Sonntag 9:00 - 17:00 Uhr (+49) 1725423111 (A. Veloso)


Production in the Portuguese bakery Veloso.

Bakery and Cafe Veloso in Tornesch

The Veloso family produces their goods daily fresh and handmade in the bakery in Tornesch and sells the goods in the Cafe Veloso.

Cooking rooms and ovens

In the modern cooking rooms and ovens, fresh ingredients are used daily in the Portuguese bakery and sold at Cafe Veloso.

Burger Buns Street

In the Burger Buns Straße the Burger Buns Brioche and Burger Buns Sesame are produced fresh daily and delivered to the most famous burger shops in Hamburg.


Burger buns and buns.



Production of croissants.



Flat croissants

Manuel Veloso runs the Veloso Bakery and Café Veloso in Tornesch and Ottensen-Hamburg with his wife Alice Veloso. They offer fresh and handmade delicacies.

Rolled croissants

Manuel Veloso wants to build a bridge between the Portuguese and German art of baking. Its rich offer convinces with diversity.

Croissants with activated carbon

The Veloso bakery uses natural ingredients and relies on manual labour. All products are produced and sold fresh in the Veloso bakery and Café Veloso.